Welcome to Checkmate Champ, an interactive chess training tool. Your goal is to find the sequence of moves that leads to checkmate. After you have solved the current problem, click >> to go to the next problem.

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To get started, choose a position from the list below, or click the dice to choose a random position.

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Choose a position from the drop-down box. Your goal is to place your opponent in checkmate. If the text says "White mates in X," you are playing as White. If the text says "Black mates in X," you are playing as Black.

If you make a mistake that allows your opponent to escape checkmate, the status will change to "Incorrect." Click "Reset position" to try again. When you have found the solution, the status will say "Checkmate!" You can then select another position for more practice.

If you get stuck on a problem, click "Show hint" to see which piece you should move. If you still cannot figure out the solution, click "Show solution." The computer will then switch sides with you and play the solution against you. (The sides remain switched like this until you select a new position.)

To speed up moving through the positions, the buttons labeled << and >> will take you to the previous and next positions respectively. You can also click the dice to choose a random position. Positions that you have solved are shown with a checkbox (☑) next to them.

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Positions marked "1001" are taken from Fred Reinfeld's 1955 book 1001 Ways to Checkmate. Only positions that are mates in five or fewer moves have been included on this page.

The computer's moves and evaluations are supplied by Glaurung version 2.2.

The default set of piece images is Chess Mérida by Armando Hernández Marroquín. The alternate set is Good Companion by David L. Brown.

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The gear icon for the settings menu was made by Zach Bogart and is licensed under Creative Commons CCBY. (source)

To do

  • Show multiple variations when the other player has more than one response that postpones mate as long as possible.
  • Allow undo of last move.
  • Add count-up timer.
  • Add filter for mate in 1/2/3/4/5.

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